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Wood Enthusiasts

Season 1

We released to the world Season 1 and had NO IDEA how impactful it would be, LOADED with Wisdom and WIT this season will basically blow your mind. We learned a lot in the process but believe me, you can’t afford to miss this.

Season 2

This is where the Sawdust hits the Blade. You WANT to be here, but you’ve got to earn your way, once you’ve completed Season 1 make your way over hear for the next adventure where we take things TO THE NEXT LEVEL

The Podcast

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN… downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, in over 42 countries this is a podcast you CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS. just try me, begin where ever you want, and experience audio bliss.

About Us

We are the industry, the community Leaders in the world of wood and all things wood. We define the community, establish norms and break barriers

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Chat with us on Facebook and on Twitter, sometimes on Instagram but rarely.



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