Home (is where the Wood is)

welcome home.  What a wonderful place to be. filled with history, family, food, comfort… but most of all, wood. Completely surrounded by wood. From furniture, hard floors, cabinetry, to the stick frame beneath the drywall, wood surrounds us, protects us, embraces us and truly makes us feel… home.

wood-design-wallpaper-7-5360So there it is, there you have it. Wood. That’s our love, our passion, our culture and our story.  Gary and myself (Larry) are excited to welcome you into a whole new world full of new appreciation of all things… Wood.

Join us, whether you read, listen or watch us, we want to bring you closer to the wonderful world of all things wood. We investigate, talk, joke, embrace and indulge in all different types of lumber conversations. From Bark on the tree to the final product beneath your dinner place. wood 3

So come along on the journey. see what we have to offer, and believe me, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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