Honelsty, Who Cares? I DO!

If the Question as posed, is “Honestly, who cares about wood” then the answer is most definitely me!

More and more I see our culture turning to less and less natural resources and more to synthetics. It feels like a sign of the times.

From real live, face to face conversations and dining out on a Friday evening to social media and iPads, and ordering in for pizza to sit quietly and get lost in the synthetic digital world.

It’s crazy and it’s sad.woody10

I walk the isles of the mega stores and see pens in bulk that haven’t been hand turned on a lathe, but factory pressed in a mold with plastic.

I see chairs in stark white plastic that feel like they would snap when a bit of a tummy lands their bottom for a rest and I see natural wood structurally sound rests that even an elephant could rest its rear trunk.

tables are made of pressed glue and cardboard with stickers on it to look like the real deal until you spill a little water and the veneer bubbles up and loosens the glue and it warps into a quick death.

it’s gross. I find it all gross. In the name of a cheaper price tag we buy 10 tables in a life time instead of one solid piece that can be passed down through generations with hand turned legs, beveled edges routed with sweat and muscle, clear this glosses over various stains that has lasted decades if not a century.

woody2I no longer see that gentle wear rub of the raw wood coming through the old stains on a century table built by great grandfather, wear from friends, families and extended families that lived and loved squeezed in tight during oversized gatherings season after season and generation after generation.

it feels like the love for what nature provides is dying, as we create these gross and indecent replacements from silicones and plastics, particle boards and faux wooden products and in the end its a shame. Beauty is lost to the dollar, natures colour is lost to dyed plastics, That smell of fresh lumber is replaced with burnt plastics, and beauty is traded for garbage.

and that is why I am here. trying to bring back what was once so loved and appreciated and embraced. Both an art form, and a daily need that handmade furniture is so rare, and so few share the trade as life slips by us all at rates so fast, so furious we can’t we stop to breath in the trees.

in fact. we can’t seem to see the forest for the trees.

Stick with us, learn to re appreciate the wooden arts. learn how to build, smell, test, treat and appreciate all forms of wood… real beautiful wonderful glorious wood!

Until next time. I’m Larry Woodstone.

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One thought on “Honelsty, Who Cares? I DO!

  1. Larry you are voice of a generation.

    I echo your thoughts, your sentiment, and your heartfelt passion for wood.

    I consider myself a treegan as well and find all plastics revolting. It angers me and, truthfully, it just plainly upsets me.

    Remember the ‘46 Walnut we enjoyed the other day at the cafe? I mean that was grainy man! To think others subject themselves to anything other just hurts.

    You know what I always say: “Find a wood and rub fresh. Find a plastic and disappointment follows”.

    Larry from one enthusiast to another I not only salute you but I will join you on this kerf as we cut this thing we call culture.

    Also Larry this forum is neat. Can you copy my note and put it on the forum? I’d appreciate it.

    PS Wednesday Wood still on? Got a sweet Ash we can examine. Maybe giver a sniff and cut? Has some good burl and a knot. See what we can turn it into? Also are you being Ms. Lils Barky Tea or am I? Just send me a letter and let me know.


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