In the Beginning

Years back, and frankly as far back as I can remember My dear friend Gary Archibald and myself (Larry Woodstone) have just had a fascination with wood, all things wood. From carvings to raw lumber.

As kids we would saunter through the forests in Muskoka, in Northern Ontario and we would dash between birch stumps and massive tall standing Oak trees not even playing tag but looking at knots or oddities or different types of bark or what have you.

cropped-wood-2.jpgI remember as a young child being down on the farm in Port Lambton Ontario, right on the St. Clair River and after Uncle Rufus would cut down trees opening up the fields for harvest we would run to mothers to whatever container or grocery bag and I would collect all the sawdust, as much and as fast as I could. I would sit endlessly with my containers memorizing the colours, and the smells of the different types of wood.  To this day I can still remember that sensation of cracking open the container and taking a deep inhale of the dust of a maple and in between chokes and wheezing just really soaking in that smell, that faint hint of maple syrup. Absolutely Glorious.

In our older years, Gary and I have grown up and parted ways a bit more, He now in Muskoka permanently and Myself landing where the family homestead is in Port Lambton, but our friendship hasn’t waivered and our love for all things wood has remained just as strong, if not even more so.

wood 102Often times we will get the families together through the different seasons and while the kids play through the barns and the wives cozy up to the fireplace drinking their warm birch-bark teas, Gary and I find ourselves wandering outside to the wood pile, filtering through different pieces of lumber trying to make the best mixture for our evening campfire.  Often times we will take hours in pleasant debate over different compilations and mixtures that will produce the perfect “Triple  S” blend.  That’s our patented “Smoke, Smell and Satisfaction” blend. Often times our wives will joke about and say that we are basically making a wooden salad.  And that we are, that we truly are. Terrific.  From two slabs of birch and two of hickory, tindered by some soft pine and maybe some pine bark, only to end by letting the flames lap at some maple quarters, or (of course) depending on the weather, we could mix up some dried poplar with aspen, and end the flames with some cedar logs. the debates always roll on and I suppose that is because there is really never the perfect answer.

The beauty of wood and why I love it so much is how subjective it can be. One person drools over a slab of Hard Maple live edge, while another constructs a dining table from White ash. From raw branches of Birch in the planter to an old oak mantle piece. It’s endless, timeless, enchanting and memorizing. The smells, the touch and the visual experience simply can’t be beat by any other product on God’s green earth.

and that my friends… is a fact,

STAY TUNED  We have so much more planned, from our Webseries currently being filmed, to our Podcast now available (on iTunes and Google Play) to our Facebook and other social media pages. We are working on a book, some products, and something super special and super secret that we can’t wait to get out to you, our adoring public… but until then… just keep connected!


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