Community – The Growing Enthusiasts

HEY HEY HEY!  Here is a exhilerating episode about our community of WOOD ENTHUSIASTS – WOW!. We are here, we are growing and WE ARE EXCITED. With messages and emails flowing in from all over the world (and some unfair attacks, possibly by one of our own) we are just taking a moment to talk about some new exciting directions and where we came from, how this all began….We are going to take a moment to step away from the chatter and inredible world of wood (just for a moment, i promise!) and talk about our humble and often times turbulant beginnings (not necessarily a topic i’m ready to dicsuss)  

Diggin into hisotry a bit we tackle some age old questions about agenda, diversity, and acceptance.  Join us Would-be-Wood Enthusaists and join the ranks, believe me, from one lover of all things wood to another, YOU WON’T BE SORRY!

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We are the WOOD ENTHUSIASTS. Come join us on Youtube to watch our miniseries at OR check out our Podcasts on any podcast network. Thanks for stopping in. We love WOOD.

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